Sony SRF-S86 Alignment and tweaks in Tokyo

Joseph Fan

Hi all,

Anyways, I would like to find an experienced tech in Tokyo that could do the AM and FM alignment and a couple of simple "audiophile" tweaks to a Sony SRF-S86.

I just picked up the SRF-S86 in Tokyo after a fairly long search - there aren't a lot of AM/FM tuners being sold here at any size. I wanted the SRF-59 to facilitate tweaking but I couldn't find one. I think this was the best choice of what I could find in a physical store. Interestingly this unit goes from 76-108 mhz.

The tweaks are quite simple but I don't have any tools; I also appreciate the complexity of a good alignment.

Xin noted apparently some were from the original design but downgraded to save money. As noted per Xin I think these should generally be applicable:

I have seen that Sony made the AM alignment less friendly in some of the later s84s but I am not sure if that is applicable to the s86.

Any recommendations welcomed!

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