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Manual just uploaded in Files

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I haven't been able to find a manual online for the PL-390.
Thanks for the manual. It appears from the PL-390 manual that it does allow turning off of the backlight; however, going to a preset seems more complex on the PL-390. To go to preset 3, say,

- on the PL-390 one presses VM + 3 + Enter whereas

- on the PL-660 one just presses 3 + Enter, i.e. one fewer keystroke

Also the VM button on the PL-390 is not far from the Light/Snooze button so if one were operating it in the dark and did not want the light to come on, one might inadvertently turn on the light anyways by pushing the wrong key.

Based on this, the PL-660 seems easier to use.

(I think they could make have made the PL-660 even easier to use if it were not necessary to press the Enter key. For example, if the last digit were held down or double pressed quickly then that could be the same as pressing that key plus Enter. For example, some universal remotes allow each key to have three functions by distinguishing between an ordinary key press, a long key press and a fast double key press.)

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