Re: Reception on Grundig G3 NOT Amazingly Improved with new 80 Ft Longwire Antenna


Great 95 % Reception Improvement with Ground Connection on MFJ 16010:

Thanks very much Zim, late last night I unscrewed the side screw & sanded off the black paint a bit and attached a #14 solid wire connected to my cold water meter and Power Ground Clamp - connected it to the side of the MFJ 16010 Antenna Tuner and boy what a difference!

I also connected the Antenna Tuner to the Antenna Jack on the Grundig G3 Radio, which also may have helped. Pulled in Stations at 2200 and 2500 Hz that I never had before, is this the Tropical Band? and many other stations. Also the Antenna Tuner is now working well. Thanks to Graeme Zimmer, Michael and many others for their great TIPS. I wiil also look into the Traps issue as suggested by Michael. Thanks guys, the wonderful advice here sure has helped me, this is a great helpful web group!!

--- In ultralightdx@..., Graeme Zimmer <gzimmer@...> wrote:

Hi Jerry,

Yes, judging by the pix at
the MFJ-16010 has coax connectors for both in and out.

The earth wire should connect to the case. You could put the wire under
a screw, or use one of those dual binding posts, plus a PL259 to BNC

But then I'm sure you can figure it out

regards ............ Zim

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