Re: Reception on Grundig G3 NOT Amazingly Improved with new 80 Ft Longwire Antenna

Phil Pasteur


You may want to try a pre-selector rather than an antenna tuner.

Years ago when I got my first Sony 2010 I put up a 90 foot trapped sloper hoping to make things much better. Unfortunately I found that the two 10KW AM stations within a mile or two from my house showed up in images all over the shortwave bands.

I got a MFJ 956 pre-selector. It knocked out 95% of the images but let me tune it to the BCB when doing MW DX. Pre-selectors work best at their characteritic impedance, so I had a balun at the antenna, coax to the 956 and coax to a mini plug going into the external antenna input on the 2010. At least this keeps things close.

This does require more fiddling with knobs everytime you change frequencies, but I found it to be quite worth it.

There are much better pre-selectors around than the 956, and even mod instructions for it to make it much better.

This is what I am using now. If you browse his site, there is a wealth of information about pre-selectors.

I use this device for all of the radios in my shack now, it sits in front of my antenna switch. It makes things much better even for radios like my R8B, Modded R-75 and NRD 545, all with stouter front ends than most portables.

If you try the pre-selector route, let us know how it goes.


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Not surprising, Jerry : total overload! Take care not to fry the front-end.

Is there a way to fix this? Seems like such a waste after all the work it took to put up the 80
foot Antenna.

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