Re: Reception on Grundig G3 NOT Amazingly Improved with new 80 Ft Longwire Antenna

Jay Heyl

On Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 14:25, Jerry Popiel <jerry_popiel@...> wrote:

Well after DXing late last night I am dissappointed. The Antenna seems to be way too strong!!  One local 50.000 watt station here was overriding ALL the Shortwave Bands. AM reception wasn't as bad, in fact its better, but even in the AM band that 50000 watt Station at 680 Hz is showing up. The only way to reduce the Shortwave overdriving was to wrap the Antenna Jumper around the Radio instead of clipping it to the Aerial, then it wasn't so bad.

I would suggest using the antenna input on the radio rather than clipping it to the whip. The whip antenna is typically amplified, which is obviously not what you want here.  

It doesn't appear the G3 has any adjustable gain aside from the DX/Local switch. That limits what you can do with the radio to tame that local flamethrower. About the only other option is to get a high-pass filter designed to block out the MW frequencies for when you're trying to listen to SW.

  -- Jay

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