Re: Distant GY Reception This Morning

Carl DeWhitt

--- Kirk:
Cogratulations on the super GY catch on the slider E-100.I will have
to get me one of those !I add my congrats to yours and others for
Gary,s excllent award.
One the anniversary date,I logged 37 stations,38 if i can confirm an
un i.d..I have decided to try for 100 stations in 7 days.My
unofficial count is now up to 59 with most of them relogs but with a
few new ones.
I logged a new frequency for Cuban Radio Reloj -960 at 2112-22114
EST .very poor reception with RR cw i.d.s heard on 11.21.08
I also logged WRVC 930 Huntington,WV(1 kw nights) from 2053-2100 EST
with poor to fair reception with i.d."Espn for the tri-states ,WRVC
930 AM"
heard on 11.21.08

Also another Radio Reloj frequency 870. -from
1921-1923 poor reception with voice i.d. "Radio Reloj' by
om ,possible nx in SS and RR cw i.d.heard on 11.20.08
Also another new one-WVOK 1580-Oxford,Alabama from 1435-1441 with
various ads and i.d. with website.very poor-poor on 11.20.08
Hopefully i will log more new ones as i try for 100 in 7.I am
currently dxing with the stock E-100 and Sony SRF -59 both barefoot
and with the Select-A-Tenna but mostly barefoot.
Carl DeWhitt

In ultralightdx@..., "Kirk Allen" <kirk74601@...> wrote:

Hi Gang,

First of all, I was happy to be able to put faces with Gary and
Good picture guys. Maybe some of the other members might consider
submitting a mugshot(?) Gary, your award is well deserved!

I couldn't believe my ears this morning. Details are below.

1490, KBLF, Red Bluff, CA, 1513-1530 UTC, 11/22. Audible here with
decent signal up and down throughout the time frame I've listed.
Quite separable from KMFS, Guthrie, OK with the e-100 slider.
adult standard easy listening styled mx. Very clear IDs were copied
at 1516 and 1527. I thought I'd misunderstood that first ID, but
one at 1527 confirmed it was correct. Distance from here (Unlimited
Class) is 2214.2 km, 1375 miles.

I've moved my main listening spot to an area in this apartment
further away from the pc. That seems to have helped quite a lot.
morning I also added 5 other stations to the ULR log, most of which
are semi-locals that I'd missed so far.
73's and Good DX to All,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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