Re: Sony SRF-T615 pictures

Brian Miller

Hey Andy and anyone else interested -

I snapped those photos and uploaded them to an album entitled SONY SRF-T615 in the Photos section of this message board.


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The noise-cut lowers interference but it doesn't eliminate it

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OK, thanks Brian. For listening to FM I almost always use my SRF-S84, anyway, which I've found to be just as selective as the aforementioned DSP radios, though not quite as sensitive.

I wonder if someone would mind explaining the "noise cut" feature on the t615 - what does it do?

Thanks again,

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Hi Andy,

I'll post some over the next couple hours as I have to leave for a bit after I post this.

The radio can be used in the case. The FM section is perfectly acceptable for moderate to strong locals, but I wouldn't count on it to pull in distant weak signals such as those from a college or high school station. Not the way a Tecsun DSP ultralight would anyway.

The MW DX capabilities of this radio are well documented in this group and elsewhere.


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Hi everyone,

I wonder if someone who owns a Sony SRF-T615 could post some pictures of the sides of the radio, i.e. the controls. I'm thinking about springing for one of these but I can't seem to find any detailed pictures of the controls. Also - is the radio able to be operated while in the case? One more thing - how does the SRF-T615 perform on FM?


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