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Thanks for the info Farmerik ,yes I know there is no matts info on the net about  Sony portables .I did this week a test on FM  ,Sony SW 77 and  -Grundig YB 400 .The Grundig is the winner ,it pick up nice stations outside Belgium  Sporadic Es  DX .
Most portables works best on shortwave ,the 2001D are also very good on MW

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I don't know the specification from SONY, but I have the ICF-7600G and it is in the top 10% as far as sensitivity for portables on AM I would say. - FARMERIK

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> Hi group
> Does anyone knows the sensitivity on MW from the Sony ICF-SW 7600GR
> Thanks in advance
> 73,
> Maurits Van Driessche
> Belgium
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