Re: 8" Diameter FSL vs. 4' Sided PVC Air-core Loop Runoff

Gary DeBock

Hi Jerry,

All the antenna signal testing was done using inductive coupling,
during which a stock Tecsun PL-606 model was held about 6" in front of
the air-core loop coil, then about 6" in front of the FSL coil. The
optimum inductive coupling distance of 6" (for both loops) was
determined prior to the signal testing, and no direct wiring
connections were used to connect the radio to either of the antennas.

The relative-size photos (such as the one posted at ) do not reflect the
testing setup at all, since during the actual testing the air-core loop
and FSL were separated by about 70 feet outdoors (in my back yard) to
avoid any possible interaction. Large tuned passive loops (both
air-core and FSL) have the capability to project a signal boost over
astonishing distances (up to 25' in the case of the 9' sided air core
loop here), making it necessary to separate such antennas very far
apart for accurate testing results.

73, Gary

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Gary, was the 8" Diameter FSL Inductively or directly coupled to the PL
606? I ask this since in one of the pictures it looks like one of those
big loops - the second one  is directly connected to the small Radio -
the PL 380. Or did I miss something.

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