Re: 8" Diameter FSL vs. 4' Sided PVC Air-core Loop Runoff

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Thanks for the nteresting, informative report, Gary!
Would it be possible to do a three-fold
comparison, including LW, between
the 4' loop, the FSL and a single-ferrite
such as the 7" loopstick, all inductively

Cost unfortunately renders the FSL unfeasible,
and the big loop is unwieldy, so it would be
valuable/comforting to know to what degree
the basic single-ferrite would be inferior.

There was mention of a basic FSL with fewer
ferrites spaced round the tube, but I have
not seen any further reference to this.
Not worth persuing further?

What would happen if ferrites of different
origins, lengths and quality from old
radios were used in a compromise FSL?

As an off-shoot, I would like to have a
compact performing LW/MW receiver
with a genuinely portable antenna.
It would have to be either a single ferrite
or a small loop.

I am also interested in phasing out local
interference from CFLs and digital sources
by using a second aerial and a cancelling
circuit. Is there any information on this aspect
in the group?

Michael UK

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