Re: Not Beach Loggings, But...

robert ross

On 02/07/2011 9:48 AM, Jeffrey Fritz wrote:

If I may--a slight correction.

I worked as a Chief Engineer at two "graveyard frequency" stations. Unless the FCC has made a rule change, AM nighttime power (roughly dusk to dawn) on the "graveyard" frequencies is limited to 250 watts non-directional. The 1 KW limit non-directional is allowed only during daylight (dawn to dusk) hours.

So if you are a "graveyard" frequency fan, you are really listening to some low powered, non-directional AM stations at night.


Hi Jeff:'s 1 KW around the clock now!!! been that way for many years!!

Regards........ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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