Re: Inductance Meter(s) to measure 7.5 Longwave Loopstick Inductance - Where to get?

Steve McDonald

Steve, after a detailed look I'm not so sure that the DM 4070 will measure down to 2000 uh? The posted ranges for inductance are: 200 uh, 2 mh, 20 mh, 200 mh, 2h, and 20h. Do you know if the DM 4070 will in fact measure down to 2000 uh which is the range we need to measure the Inductance of 122 turns of Litz wire on a 7.5 inch Ferrite Rod?

no problem Jerry....2000uH = 2.0mH so you could easily measure this on the second or third range (2mH or 20mH)


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