Re: Gary DeBock Receives Ultralight Radio Founders Award

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

A big fat
to Gary for a richly deserved recognition.... what a wonderful thing Ultralighting has become in the lives of many of us... rejuvenating a much-beloved hobby, letting us rewind the clock, or at least the log book, and START OVER.  Life doesn't let you wipe the slate clean very often. Thank you, Gary. When you heard that first NHK station, you could very easily said "Huh, how 'bout that!"  and then gone on with your normally busy life. You didn't and we all have this community of DXers, thanks to your leadership. Bravo!

Also, a huge
to the entire ultralightdx membership for managing to 100% keep a secret and let this little surprise play out.  It would have been so easy to accidently screw up and say something, or hit the wrong button as you sent your signatures. Really a great job, folks!

Thanks to all of you who signed the certificate and an apology to those who wished to do so, but either did not possess the technology or who couldn't meet the Draconian time schedule..............  The wording on the certificate ended with the phrase "and all of the more than one hundred members of the ultralightdx community. You were there, too!

John Bryant,
for the Awards Committee 

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