Re: Gary DeBock Receives Ultralight Radio Founders Award

robert ross

Guy Atkins wrote:

November 21, 2008 [Puyallup, WA] - As the second year of the exciting ultralight radio (ULR) hobby begins, it's fitting to honor the DXer who started it all - Gary DeBock of Puyallup, Washington. On Friday night, Gary was the surprised recipient of an attractive, framed "Founders Award", beautifully designed and framed by John Bryant and presented by Guy Atkins on behalf of all ULR enthusiasts.

Gary.................Congratulations on the well deserved Award!! .......and thanks to Guy Atkins for the Official Press Release and photo of you and he during the Presentation.

No matter what they tell you..I had nothing to do with it!! AHHAHAHHAAA.......Blame John!! HAHAHAHA......

You da man Gary......hopefully our second year will be even more fabulous!!

I think that Award was signed by all the ULR Heavyweights hang it proudly knowing it came from the Heart!!!


Robert S. Ross VA3SW
London, Ontario CANADA

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