Re: Third Party SDR Software for Alinco DX-R8T Receiver

That sounds like a fine idea. I do not (yet) own one of the Alincos, but I have a venerable Ten Tec Omni V that has the N4PY chip, so I know Carl can shake and bake with the best. He's a nice guy, too !

Steve, W4ASZ

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Since the Alinco DX-R8T/E receiver has been discussed previously on the ultralightdx Yahoo group, I thought that the following might be of interest to the group.


Alinco offers third party Software Defined Radio (SDR) software for their new communications receiver, the DX-R8T/E. This software is called KG-SDR. It looks nice and is free, but it is also somewhat limited. There are other SDR applications out there that are more full featured, but few, if any, currently support the DX-R8T/E. This is in part, because the rig is quite new and also, in part, because Alinco isn't one of the "big three" thus making its addition to SDR software far from automatic.

Still, there are indications that the Alinco DX-R8T will be a popular receiver for hams and SWLers alike. Therefore, I've asked Carl Moreschi, N4PY, if he would be willing to implement support for the DX-R8T in his popular N4PY SDR control software. (See:

Happily, Carl has indicated that if someone besides me is interested in DX-R8T/E SDR support in his N4PY SDR control software, he will program support into his application. If this is something that you feel would be worthwhile to you, please respond to this post. I will relay this on to Carl.

A couple of cavaets:

1. I have no connection what-so-ever with Carl Moreschi or the N4PY SDR control software other than as an interested DX-R8T owner who would like his SDR software to support the radio.

2. Although I generally avoid doing so, to get the word out in this case, I am going to cross post this thread in a couple of other Yahoo related groups. Please excuse this if you come across the same posting elsewhere. i can assure you that I don't make a habit of doing this.

3. You are not making a commitment to buy. This is only to gauge if the interest is strong enough for Carl to invest one to two weeks work to add the DX-R8 to his software.


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