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I really like Fred Cantu's website ...

He's located in San Antonio, Texas, and has a pretty good edge on Mexican AM stations.  You'll see the underlined links to advance to the other sections of his list - AM 800-1090, AM 1100-1390, and AM 1400-1700.

Dig around some on his website - he also has FM and TV stations by "estado" (state).  It's a super-easy way to familiarize youself with the 32 separate states (including the Distrito Federal) that comprise the country of Mexico!

You can also use the FCC's AM Query page, but it takes a little more time and patience, especially in determining the style of output and then interpreting the output!

Hope this helps!

Stephen H. Ponder, N5WBI
Houston, Texas, USA - EL29kn

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Is there a website that gives freq's, call signs, content ect for Mexican radio stations. I can't seem to find one, I know I'm picking up a few frequently but all I ever seem to hear is Radio National or something like that, my spanish is very weak. I use a Kaito 1103 as a spotter so exact freq is not a problem. I also know I have picked up a Cuban MW as they say CUBA a lot also.

Ginger, OKC

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