Gary DeBock Receives Ultralight Radio Founders Award

Guy Atkins

November 21, 2008 [Puyallup, WA] - As the second year of the exciting ultralight radio (ULR) hobby begins, it's fitting to honor the DXer who started it all - Gary DeBock of Puyallup, Washington. On Friday night, Gary was the surprised recipient of an attractive, framed "Founders Award", beautifully designed and framed by John Bryant and presented by Guy Atkins on behalf of all ULR enthusiasts.
Gary's initiative, drive, and enthusiasm has given dozens and dozens of DXers new-found excitement for DXing. His reception of Japanese stations JOIB (747 kHz) and JOAK (594 kHz) in Puyallup on November 20, 2007 lit a fire in Gary, and he's done all he can to share the excitement with others since then. Gary's numerous articles on ultralight radio and many upbeat, helpful forum postings and emails have encouraged DXers to push the boundaries of what UL radios can accomplish. His discovery of the "slider coil" technique provided a simple way to greatly boost the sensitivity of small radios, helping to make them capable of eyebrow-raising DX formerly expected only of communications receivers.
Gary, thank you for almost single-handedly starting a new niche of the DXing hobby, and for your enthusiasm that has spread around the world in only a year!

Gary DeBock (right) receives Ultralight Radio Founder's Award from Guy Atkins

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