Re: Submitting for an award.


Great Rob! Thanks.

Sounds really easy.

I will email you the logs in the format you mentioned and just put it all in the body of the email.

Thanks again!


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On 28/06/2011 11:11 AM, jlochey wrote:

Hey everyone,

I believe I understand how to format my loggings for submission to our
award system, but who should I submit them to? Or how should I submit



Hello John:

I'm the guy you send your award submissions to for ULR AWARDS!!!!

Just send them by Email to me at ....................


Send the following info........

Radio Used
Barefoot or Unlimited Class
Award you are applying for
Station heard including FREQ, CALL, LOCATION

If applying for more than one award....please submit separate
Applications for each award.

That's about it....we try to keep this relatively simple for all to
enjoy!! You can just send the submission as an email or I can accept
most STANDARD attachments such as Microsoft Works etc. If I can't open
the file...I'll let you know and you can send it a different way. The
easiest way is to just list the Stations in your email message!!

Regards..........ROB VA3SW (For the ULR AWARDS Committee)

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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