Re: NO AC Adapter Included with Purchase of Tecsun PL 380?

Peter Laws

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 16:22, Neil Goldstein <neilgoldstein@...> wrote:

Mini B to standard USB cables are quite common even though the new standard is Micro B, and can be found even at the dollar stores.  Also, stores like WalMart carry universal cellphone chargers with Mini USB.  I didn't mind not getting an adapter with any of my USB-Rechargeable radios, because I have SO MANY devices with power-enabled USB ports that I can charge the radios almost anywhere (Chumby, DVD Player, PS3, Computer, etc).  I charge the Degen 1123 at work from the computer, and the Tecsun at home from an old Blackberry charger.  Another suggestion is to get a small MicroB to MicroA adapter so you can use the newer cellphone chargers you may already have.  Less to carry when you travel.


It also means that Tecsun doesn't have to worry about different wall
warts for different markets or UL certification in the US. Lowers
their shipping weight, too, which adds up when you sell thousands of

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