Re: NO AC Adapter Included with Purchase of Tecsun PL 380?

Peter Laws

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 15:09, jerry_popiel <jerry_popiel@...> wrote:
I was just about to purchase my Tecsun PL 380 today from China when I noticed that the AC Adapter is NOT included with the purchase. It says AC Adapter Not Included!!  Checked about 3 or 4 sellers and None listed the AC Adapter as part of the deal. Does anyone know if the AC adapter is included with any sellers or is it just not compatable with North AMERICA 120 Volts AC?

My PL606 didn't come with one either, thank goodness. I have plenty
of wall warts!

If they 380 is like the 606, it came with a USB cable. The USB spec
allows an end device (combination of all end devices, really) to draw
5.0 V dc at up to 500 mA. The only problem was that the radio used
the mini-B USB port instead of the now-more-common micro-B, so I had
to really dig for an old phone charger with the mini-B.

Supposedly, the cell phone industry has standardized on the micro-B as
the power port for new phones, though I've only ever seen it on my
Blackberry 9700.

If it does have a USB mini-B, just use a USB cable and plug it into
your PC and you'll be good to go.

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