India-1566 Received on a stock SRF-T615 Ultralight in Newfoundland

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     From Guy Atkins:  Chuck Hutton's reception of India-1566 on a stock Ultralight was made with the tiny Sony SRF-T615, not a Sangean model as earlier reported.  Chuck and Guy had lunch today, and discussed Chuck's experiences during the Newfoundland DXpedition, including this amazing reception.
     Both Chuck and Guy have had amazing gray-line receptions with Ultralights this month-- Guy successfully logged Radio Farda-1575 at Grayland, WA on a stock SRF-39FP for the first Ultralight reception of a TA on the west coast, and now Chuck has the first Ultralight logging of India.  No doubt the great DXpedition experience of these veteran DXers helped them choose the perfect propagation times for these breakthrough contacts.
    We hope Chuck will give us more details of this fantastic reception, which reportedly was at a good level for at least 20 minutes. Congratulations to him, and to all the Newfoundland DXers.
     73,  Gary DeBock 

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