Re: Alignment Instructions for the Sony SRF-59 Analog Radio Family

Gary DeBock

Hi Mark,

The SRF-59's loopstick coil (the shorter one, usually secured with wax)
is indeed the component most likely to be out of alignment, but the
1400 kHz trimming capacitor (one of the four trimmers on the tuning
capacitor) occasionally will be far out of adjustment also. This
occured in about 25% of the factory-aligned units, as I recall. In
early 2008 the SRF-59 alignment quirks could actually be traced to
serial number groups, so that certain batches of SRF-59's from the same
factory (and the same store) had the same dreadful performance.

Unfortunately the SRF-59 alignment does require steady nerves and good
eyesight, and may not be suitable for all owners to perform. The radio
is an amazing DXing bargain for the money, but user-friendly
disassembly is not its strong point.

73, Gary

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If I am reading and digesting this correctly, the majority of these
radios ONLY need the coil tweaked a bit... All of mine are stock and
seem to work well.... and the full band is covered. I don't have a
signal generator around anymore, but as stated, using a weak station
works just as well. I am almost convinced to crack mine open... I have
had a stroke, so it makes me think twice about attempting it. Tremors
make fine re-assembly much harder. :-(

Mark Barnett   N8PGV

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