Re: Nobody here has an Alinco DX-R8 they use as a spotter???


Thanks! Here are the links if anyone is interested-

My goal is better audio than the R-75, a really good quality build, and battery operation, partly for remote BOG work. I will be using an external speaker for SWLing. I won't mind if it does not hear every signal the R-75 hears, but I expect it to be close.

It would be nice if the memories could be programmed from my computer, instead of with those tiny multi letter buttons.

I don't know much about DRM, but it might be interesting.

I should have the radio with an extra DC cord by late next week. I did not decide to buy the interface cables yet. Once I get the manual, my son who is an Electrical Computer Engineer can figure that stuff out. - FARMERIK

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Check out this link for a YouTube video of the DX-R8 (if you haven't already
done so)


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I'm not surprised that you didn't get an answer regarding the DX-R8 for
2 reasons. 1. It's fairly new, only released in January 2011, at least
at Universal Radio, and I doubt many have been sold. 2. It's from
Alinco and I don't mean that negatively. If it was a new receiver from
the "Big 3", you'd have someone on the list who owned one. I have first
hand experience with a couple of Alinco 2 meter HTs, and they've been
first class, as good as anything from the "Big 3" and for the money a
better value.

Several things about this receiver caught my eye when it was first
announced last year. The price is right, $449 from Universal, and seems
to be a lot of radio for the money. Although it mentions DSP, there is
no mention of it being an IF DSP receiver like the Si4734 unltralights.
I suspect the DSP is in the audio chain and that the 500Hz audio filter
may possibly be a DSP filter, similar to the Timewave DSP audio
filters. The RIT and IF shift controls look like they would be great
for MW DXing. I'm curious about this "CLONE" output. I'll bet it is a
serial data port which could be used for computer control although there
is not mention of any control software. Even if it is only for memory
programming, that would be very nice to have. The I/Q output is what
really caught my eye. Coupling this to a good quality stereo sound
card, not a cheap laptop mono card, opens up a world of SDR software
with plenty of DSP based software options. Although I've never played
with DRM, reviewers find it to be underwhelming. Compared to the
various SDR programs out there, DRM seems to be a cheap parlor trick. I
owned an Elektor SDR board for awhile and was very impressed with the
SDR software that I used with it, WiNRADiO and G8JCFSDR. I admit to
being an old fogey knob turner and SDR, while very impressive, is not my
cup of tea. At least, not yet. Now if I could combine the best of both
worlds, like with a DX-R8, I would be very interested. Last but not
least, the ability to have the front panel and receiver separated is handy.

From the specs, the DX-R8 seems to be about the size of an Icom R75 and
if it is anywhere near the value performance wise of an R75, it will be
an excellent receiver. One thing to consider, every Japanese receiver
I've ever owned except the JRC-545 had a MW attenuator in the front
end. Some are easier to remove than others but do need to be removed
for full sensitivity below 1.8MHz. I wonder if Alinco put one in the
DX-R8. Someone had a DX-R8 for sale last week on ebay for a "Buy It
Now" price of $400 and I was tempted but had no funds for a new toy. I
personally would spend an extra $49 and get it new from Universal or
some other reputable Alinco dealer.

It looks like you will be the first one to review it. I find the DX-R8
very interesting and am looking forward to your review.

Congratulations on being the first kid on the ULR block to own one.
Good DXing with it.

Rick W4DST

On 6/25/2011 12:44 PM, farmerik wrote:
I am surprised no one answered my previous post or emailed directly. I
decided to order one anyway, but I would really like to hear from someone
who has used this radio for awhile, or read a review which is more than an
initial impression. I am hoping for much more pleasant audio than my ICOM
R-75, and similar performance as far as hearing weak stations.
I don't understand the computer connections for control or DRM reception.
I am looking just for a review of how well they work, I have local computer
tech support if I decided I would want the features they offer.

For example, I might be able to load the frequency memory more easily
from a computer, but that is just a guess.

If I set up for DRM, will there be an icon on the screen or a way to tell
I have found a DRM signal, or will the sound from the radio let me know?

So my question is not how would I hook it up, but what can those computer
connections allow me to do. - FARMERIK


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