One Lonely New Station Logged


One new station to report from northern Oklahoma. Conditions seemed pretty bad overnight. Despite what sounded like overall depressed progagation on the MW band, the radio god smiled on me and helped me stumble across one new station for the Okie log. A lot of us know that dumb luck is readily accepted in this hobby, ha ha. Hrd this newbie on both main rcvrs here, the Eton E-100 slider and the Sony T-615 along w/ my usual cheater SAT.

KDLS, Perry, IA, 0822-0840 UTC, 6/25/11, this one surprisingly came punching through some of the "regulars" this morning. Clear call letter IDs hrd and a ment of "golden...from the sixties". Only able to hear bits and pieces of moldy oldie tunes from "back in the day". ULR Sta #763-

Wishing you all the very best in your hobby pursuits. Don't forget to actually listen to your radio now and then!!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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