Glas Hrvatske 1134 to DRM soon


Rumors are Glas Hrvatske (The Voice of Croatia) will begin DRM only
broadcasts on 1134 kHz in the very near future. So, if you haven't
logged Glas Hrvatske yet, now is the time to listen for the station.

At present, Glas Hrvatsk, 1134 kHz, is the easiest to hear TA in
Oklahoma. The best time to listen seems to be between 0030 to 0330
UTC. There is moderate to severe digital (IBOC) QRM from KMOX HD on
1120 kHz. However, the 600 kW Croatian signal has been strong enough
to penetrate the IBOC noise.

I'm curious about how many regular Glas Hrvatsk listeners have DRM
capable receivers. I'd bet they're in the minority.

Best wishes for a good DXing weekend. May it be full of TA signals.

Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK)

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