Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Trans-Atlantics & Domestics Report June 21

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

Very good propagation last evening considering the Solar K index was at 2. Also the lower end of the dial seemed to be a bit stronger than previous nights in the last month or so.
1 new station was added to the ULR log .

549-ALGERIA-Alger Chaine 1 , Les Trembles 2:03UT/21 man in Arabic (weak)
558-SPAIN-R. Nacional, Valencia 1:05UT/21 Spanish music & talk // 684
684-SPAIN-R. Nacional 1 Sevilla 00:31UT/21 Spanish music & talk // 621
693-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live Droitwich 2:04UT/21 talk about C.I.A
711-FRANCE-France Info Rennes-Thourie 00:30UT/21 news in French
774-SPAIN-R. Nacional Valencia 00:28UT/21 Spanish talk (mixing with Egypt)
792-FRANCE-France Info Limoges-Nuel 00:27UT/21 French talk by man
810-SCOTLAND-BBC Scotland, Burghead 2:05UT/21 talk about Marilyn Manson
855-SPAIN-R. Nacional, Murcia 00:27UT/21 Spanish talk & music
864-FRANCE-France Bleue Paris Villebon-sur-Yvette 00:33UT/21 French talk, Stevie Wonder song
882-ENGLAND-BBC Wales Washford 00:33UT/21 talk about European Union & finance
900-SPAIN-COPE various 00:34UT/21 Spanish music & talk
909-ENGLAND-BBC 5 Live Moorside Edge, 00:26UT/21 talk about the food chain
945-FRANCE-France Info Tolouse-Muret 00:50UT/21 piano jazz music (Strong) //1377
954-SPAIN-Onda Cero Radio Ctra Humera 00:25UT/21 fast paced Spanish commentary
990-SPAIN-SER various 00:25UT/21 Spanish teletalk by women (fair)
1008-NETHERLANDS-GrootNieuws Radio Zeewolde 00:35UT/21 Religious talk & songs (over R. Punto in Canaries)
1017-GERMANY-SWR Contra R. Wolfsheim 00:49UT/21 man in German talk
1035-PORTUGAL-Star FM Belmonte 00:36UT/21 "Sealed With A Kiss" song
1044-SPAIN-SER San Sebastian, Monte Igueldo 00:37UT/21 Spanish teletalk (Very Strong)
1053-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio, various 1:25UT/21 talk & Ads
1089-ENGLAND-Talksport Radio Brookman's Park 00:37UT/21 Pensions & money talk
1098-SPAIN-R. Nacional various 1:12UT/21 Spanish discussion by group of people
1107-SPAIN-R. Nacional various 00:49UT/21 man in Spanish (Very strong) //1098
1116-SPAIN-SER Pontevedra 1:28UT/21 Spanish teletalk (Strong)
1125-SPAIN-R. Nacional various, 1:29UT/21 Spanish talk by woman
1152-SCOTLAND-Clyde 2, Dechmont Hill 00:28UT/21 ID, Bee Gees song
1152-ENGLAND-Magic 1152 MW Greenside 2:24UT/21 Jackson 5 Song,Billy Joel song //1161 ***NEW***
1170-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Sawa, Al Dhabbaya 00:48UT Rap tunes, Arabic talk
1179-ROMANIA-Romania Actualitati, various 00:38UT/21 Richard Marx song,Romanian talk //1332
1224-SPAIN-SER various 1:22UT/21 Group talk in Spanish
1233-ENGLAND-Absolute Radio, various 1:21UT/21 music & talk (weak) // 1197,1215
1242-FRANCE-France Info, Marseille-Cabries-Relator 1:14UT/21 news in French
1242-ENGLAND-Absolute Radio various 1:40UT/21 music & talk (mixing with France)
1251-LIBYA-Voice of Africa,Tripoli 00:39UT/21 man in Arabic speech
1269-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk, Neumunster 1:03UT/21 man in German talk
1278-IRAN-IRIB1 Kermanshah 1:03UT/21 Persian talk
1278-FRANCE-France Bleue Selestat 1:31UT/21 Tom Jones song,French talk
1287-SPAIN-SER various 2:22UT/21 man in Spanish talk & interview
1296-ENGLAND-Radio XL 1296 AM , Langley Mill 00:51UT/21 Indian language,music (Good)
1314-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Farda, Al Dhabbaya 1:19UT/21 Arabic pop music & talk //1575
1314-SPAIN-R. Nacional various 2:01UT/21 news in Spanish by woman
1341-NORTHERN IRELAND-BBC R. Ulster Lisnagarvey 00:40UT/21 talk about the
French Open tennis
1377-FRANCE-France Info Lille- Camphin-en-Carembault 00:44UT/21 French talk on economy //1494 (Like a Local)
1386-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia , Bilbao 00:51UT/21 Classical music
1413-SPAIN-R. Nacional, Jaen 1:03UT/21 news in Spanish
1422-GERMANY-Deutschlandfunk Heusweiler 00:44UT/21 Classical music,German talk (Good)
1431-DJIBOUTI-R. Sawa Arta 1:20UT/21 man w/ news in Arabic
1449-LIBYA-Voice of Free Libya,Meserata 1:04UT/21 Arabic chants (very good)
1458-ENGLAND-Gold Manchester, Ashton Moss 1:32UT/21 ID, ELO-Evil Woman song
1476-SPAIN-Euskadi Irratia, Biribilondo 2:02UT/21 piano music, Basque talk //1386
1485-SPAIN-SER Santander Soto de la Marina 1:34UT/21 Spanish talk by woman
1503-IRAN-IRIB1 Bushehr 00:46UT/21 Persian talk, piano version of Hello by Lionel Richie
1503-SPAIN-R. Nacional, various 2:20UT/21 Lively Spanish talk
1521-SAUDI ARABIA-BSKSA, Duba 00:45UT/21 Arabic talk (very strong)
1539-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – VOA Aap Ki Dunyaa Al-Dhabbaya 00:45 Arabic talk (good)
1557-FRANCE-France Info Nice-Fontbonne 00:46UT/21 French talk // 1377
1575-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-R. Farda, Al-Dhabbaya 00:47UT/21 Arabic pops & talk (Very Strong)

Receivers: SRF-M37V, SRF-39FP, SRF-59 barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland
47:43N 53:11W

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