June Gravedigger DX!

John Cereghin <jcereghin@...>

Between FM Es openings (as few as there have been so far in June), I
have added two graveyarders to my ULR log on June 19:

1450 WCUM Bridgeport CT, Spanish programming, tropical;-type music
1450 WQWK State College PA, ESPN, ads for "Radio PA" and other
mentions of Pennsylvania.

Both logged on the PL310 barefoot.

Now at 783 ultralight stations and 63 ULR graveyarders.

Don't forget the Ultralight Scoreboard still lives- please send me
your updated totals!

John Cereghin WDX3IAO  KB3LYP
Smyrna, Delaware
My radio page http://wdx3iao.wordpress.com/ (please note NEW site!)
The Ultralight Scoreboard  www.pilgrimway.org/ulradio

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