Re: BSR earbuds?

R. Mark Barnett

If they ever decide to get back in the radio business and carry the Tecsuns, I would buy one.. even if it said DAK on it.  I just got a package in the mail from China today and there was no problem. My dealings with Chinese sellers has been positive, but if you get a DOA unit the return shipping is a killer... I would much rather buy a little more local when possible..

Mark Barnett   N8PGV

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--- On Mon, 6/20/11, Carolyn and Dave Hascall wrote:

From: Carolyn and Dave Hascall
Subject: [ultralightdx] Re: BSR earbuds?
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Date: Monday, June 20, 2011, 4:40 PM


>>http://www.dak. com/reviews/ 3308story. cfm Does >>anyone have these? They look different than the usual >>cheap knock offs.

>>Mark Barnett   N8PGV
I do not have any BSR earbuds but I really miss getting the DAK catalogs!
Maybe soneone could get Drew Alan Kaplan to import Tecsun or Kchibo ULR's to increase their exposure.
Dave in Indy

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