Re: First Anniversary of Ultralight Radio Boom-- November 20

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

I too want to say thanks to those intrepid DXers who started this new branch of the hobby a year ago. It has really restored my enthusiasm for DXing. And it really has been interesting seeing a new branch of the radio hobby be born and develop. Who would have thought a year ago that there was still any scope for something new in mediumwave DXing (which is, after all, the oldest branch of the hobby)? Or that in a hobby where so many of its participants seemed so pessimistic about its future, that it would be a development in mediumwave DXing that would bring back a sense of excitement and eager enthusiasm to so many?

So once again, thanks.
Greg Shoom

$ Greg Shoom - shoom@...
$ Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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