Ultralight Radio 7.5" Longwave Loopstick Experimental Report

Gary DeBock

Hello All,

As most ULR enthusiasts are aware, the Tecsun Company has included
Longwave coverage on all of their DSP pocket radios since the
introduction of the PL-300WT in the spring of 2009. Unfortunately, what
they have yet to introduce is a stock loopstick that is not practically
deaf on the Longwave frequencies. Recently introduced models like the
PL-380 and PL-606 have continued the Tecsun tradition of miserable LW
performance, despite innovations on the other bands. Apparently nobody
in the Tecsun design teams cares anything about the LW-DXing enthusiast

Fortunately, ULR- DXers have recently taken the matter into their own
hands, developing Longwave-optimized 7.5" replacement loopsticks with
astonishing sensitivity on the LWBC and NDB-DXing frequencies. For
those interested, a detailed 7-page article describing the development
and DXing performance of these new LW-optimized loopsticks is posted at
http://www.mediafire.com/?845snah2h4ek9z9 , and will shortly be
uploaded to the Ultralightdx and Ndblist file sections. Included is a
report of the testing procedure and design refinements in the seven LW
loopstick models, as well as a list of the various LW-TA's and LW-TP's
received with these antennas by three different DXers during the past
season. Finally, the article describes the start of the new Ultralight NDB-DXing craze, and includes a detailed procedures for a hobbyist to
build the most effective 7.5" LW Loopstick for himself (or herself).
Thanks again to all of the technical enthusiasts and DXers who have
helped the new Ultralight LWBC and NDB-DXing niche groups get started,
and we look forward to a great winter season later in the year!

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (N7EKX) in Puyallup, WA, USA
Ultralight Radio Group Co-Founder

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