Re: !! Urgent !! - Suggest a good shortwave reciever for around $100.00

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

The newfangled digiprocessed whatsits are probably all DRM-unfriendly.
You need a low IF offshoot for DRM. Build your own, as real men do,
or use a legacy receiver, such as a 7600 with a low-IF add-on,
as real men do... There be useful notes on the world-wide webthingy.

DRM is so good that it probably has a limited immediate future.
Even though BBC and Deutsche Welle persist, the
ruled-by-conglomerates market decides what is best...

Michael UK

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From: desai_amogh

Back to the point. Can the PL660 be modded for DRM reception. I mean is it possible to get the IF
out of PL660 ??

I searched the internet for this alot but dont see anything about DRM reception using this PL660.
There are few DRM transimissions over India which will increase with time and I'm very much
interested in DRM.

I will be very happy to buy a Tecsun PL660 if someone could confirm DRM mod is possible.


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