Re: !! Urgent !! - Suggest a good shortwave reciever for around $100.00

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Thank's for all your replies guys.

I did own a Degen DE1103, It died 2 years ago, when I modded it for DRM and slept off listening to it on a rainy day with a dead radio in the morning. Couple of my HAM friends trying repairing it, but some of the front end parts are gone and then I moved to a new city and the radio is lying in the drawer.

Back to the point. Can the PL660 be modded for DRM reception. I mean is it possible to get the IF out of PL660 ??

I searched the internet for this alot but dont see anything about DRM reception using this PL660. There are few DRM transimissions over India which will increase with time and I'm very much
interested in DRM.

I will be very happy to buy a Tecsun PL660 if someone could confirm DRM mod is possible.


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The Tecsun PL660 is great bang for your buck. I purchased one two months ago and love it, it has pretty much all you need in a small, relatively inexpensive receiver.

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Already mentioned, but I wholeheartedly agree - Tecsun PL-660. I own more radios than I should and for that price point, the PL-660 is a great value.

I own the Sony that was mentioned as well, and I prefer the Tecsun.

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hi Amogh,


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