Re: !! Urgent !! - Suggest a good shortwave reciever for around $100.00


My PL-600 worked quite well briefly, and had a very directional pick up pattern for AM DXing, but it died a very early death. I also have a SONY SW7600G which has to be 10 or 15 years old and works perfectly. The audio is 'thin' sounding through the speaker, but nice with headphones, and it has a line output for computer speakers or a stereo amp. The newer model can be purchased for not all that much more money from camera stores in the NYC area, or other sources which discount SONY. The Synchronous detection is quite good, and helps in some situations DXing AM as well as SW. [It tunes SSB too]

Here is my PL -600 review written for Farmers-

Just an other opinion- FARMERIK

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I have the PL-600 its sounds good ,and put out the weak signals .Im a MW dxer ,so I need a very sensitive radio ,I buy also the Grundig YB 4oo on last monday .I compare the radio with the 600 ,and found the YB better on MW .Probaly the ferriet antenna inside is better .Im Using also the Sony 2001 D and SW 77 for the big work ,And if you still want to see more
Here are all my video s click on the button 25 videos

Maurits Van Driessche
Belgium for all my recordings on MW

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I have a PL-660 and it is one fine radio, I got it for $99 with free shipping off of Amazon.

I am sure there are other fine radios out there, but for the money it is as good if not better in some respects to my Sony SW7600GR, with one exception the Sony imo is better on MW and has a better sync detector circuit, but not by whole lot and it costs another $40+. I have a Grundig 350DL which the 450DL replaces it is a good radio but large and heavy. If I had to choose between the two my cigar goes to the Tecsun PL-660 with big sound and portablity. It is loud enough that on FM I listen to a local sation when I am in the shower! :-)

Good Luck,
Big Al N0CEK

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> Hi guys,
> Sorry for the URGENT tag. However, one of my friedn is coming down from US next
> week and wish to order a Shortwave receiver for around $100.00.
> It should good selectivity, sensitivity and features (like IF output for DRM
> reception would be a good to have). Also SSB is a must have.
> I am planning to buy it from
> Also I I stay in a ground floor of an apartment covered with buildings and get a lot of interference. Will it help if I buy an Active loop antenna for better reception??
> How about Grundig 450DLX and Tecsun PL660 ?? or any other option ?
> Look forward to hearing from you guys.
> Regards
> Amogh
> Pune, India.

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