!! Urgent !! - Suggest a good shortwave reciever for around $100.00

desai_amogh <desai_amogh@...>

Hi guys,

Sorry for the URGENT tag. However, one of my friedn is coming down from US next
week and wish to order a Shortwave receiver for around $100.00.

It should good selectivity, sensitivity and features (like IF output for DRM
reception would be a good to have). Also SSB is a must have.

I am planning to buy it from www.universal-radio.com.

Also I I stay in a ground floor of an apartment covered with buildings and get a lot of interference. Will it help if I buy an Active loop antenna for better reception??

How about Grundig 450DLX and Tecsun PL660 ?? or any other option ?

Look forward to hearing from you guys.

Pune, India.

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