Re: BSR earbuds? Fiio amps

Jay Heyl

On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 14:22, R. Mark Barnett <orgelkraft@...> wrote:

Thanks to everybody! I read the info on the BSRs and wondered if the large diaphragm would make any difference for pulling weak DX out of the noise.... I also wonder about using a headphone amplifier, preferably with EQ.....

Earbuds are usually pretty efficient. Unless you have a huge impedance mismatch with whatever is driving them you're unlikely to get much benefit from a headphone amp. The headphone amp is mostly for giving more oomph to music, primarily the low frequencies. 

Also bear in mind there are pluses and minuses to using earbuds when DXing. If you're going for mostly weak stuff, where 90% of what you're hearing is static, I don't recommend earbuds. I used to do a lot of NDB DXing using rather expensive ear canal sealing earbuds and the static would drive me crazy after a fairly short period of time. If you run them through an equalizer that will let you pull down the high end it probably wouldn't be quite as bad. I gave up on the earbuds and switched to headphones. Getting the sound source out of the ear canal made a big difference in being able to tolerate the static. Even with EQ, you're still going to get some high frequencies pop through.

  -- Jay

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