New Stations Still Being Heard


Hi everybody,

It's been a few months since I reported in. After losing two 1,000 foot BOI (Beverage On Ice) antennas in late January to 4 wheeler ice fishermen, I had to hang everything up for the season. On the brighter side, it was a great year where I added over 150 new stations when I switched from barefoot to unlimited.
My UL total recorded stations are now up to 664. The other totals - 40 states, 6 provinces, 4 countries 34 graveyard haven't changed.

Since January I've been experimenting with a crate loop and I also made the 7.5 inch ferrite add-on to my PL-380 with some success but honestly, I really miss not having a long beverage antenna.

Reception conditions have not been impressive but I found that this is a good thing. While the noise and static levels are higher, the frequencies are not as "cluttered" with long distance stations fighting it out on each frequency. So, I have shifted my summer efforts to go for the stations within 500 miles (John Cereghin "Targeted DXing" Dec. 2009) and it has netted me a few new semi-locals during this slow season. I also bought the BC Map II program. This shows all the stations on a scalable US map - one for each frequency, and this visually helps me identify which stations I am missing.

The newest loggings are:

On 05/17/11 at 1700 CDST I got a local TIS on 1610 khz. - WPZK577 - Kenosha WI.

On 06/10/11 at 1000 I caught WRLL on 1450 - Cicero IL. It's a local ethnic station which is quite unusual as it shares the same location and transmitter as WCEV. They are independently registered as different stations by the FCC. They split the on-air time, switching from WRLL to WCEV at 1300 CST.

On 06/13/11 at 2200 I recorded WDND South Bend IN. on 1620. Normally I have a nearby TIS which drowns out everything but I been camped out on this frequency for some time and I either caught a low power time or directional pattern switch and got this one at the TOH off one of my hourly Total Recorder settings. I was actually trying for KOZN NE, but perhaps another time.

Good DXing to all,

Ed Semrad
Lake Villa, IL

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