Conditions Favoring SE Stations

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Greetings Gents,

I listened a while after work last night and noticed with only a few
exceptions that conditions were favoring receptions from the south
and southeast of my QTH in northcentral Oklahoma. I caught 4 new
stations for the ULR log, all heard on the E-100 Slider.

710, R. Rebelde, (La Julia?) Cuba, 0420 UTC, 11/20. Clearly //5025.

890, R. Progreso, (Chambas?) Cuba, 0447-0505 UTC, 11/20. Clear full
IDs at TOH. Mostly tlk by several ancrs. VG signal throughout.

640, R. Progreso, Guanabacoa, Cuba, 0533, 11/20. //890 but with
weaker signal and more QRM here.

1560, KNGR, Daingerfield, TX, 0559, 11/20. Southern gospel
mx, "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms", etc. "This is KNGR....Texas."
by M ancr at 0600. Topaz has this one listed at 60 watts night pwr.

That's it for now.
Good DX Everyone!!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, Oklahoma

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