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Rick Robinson <w4dst@...>

Hi Phil,

As always your articles are excellent. I use a $2 set of rabbit ears from the local Goodwill Store along with a 300 ohm to 75 ohm balun for use as an external FM antenna on my modified PL-380. Even barefoot, I am able to receive FM stations from Charlotte, Columbia and Atlanta, all in excess of 150 miles from my location on my '380. My PL-660 is as sensitive and selective as my '380, but has better stereo recovery than the '380.

It''s beginning to sound like my next Si4734 radio will be the PL-390. Is it possible to modify the PL-390 with the "Laurie" mod for use with an external MW antenna? It's a simple mod on the PL-310 but somewhat more complicated on a '380 due to having to add an 1/8" stereo jack for both MW and SW/FM external antennas. With a jack for external FM and SW antennas, I wonder if Tecsun used a stereo jack on the '390 like on the '310 but failed to connect the ring in the circuit for MW use.

Good DXing,

Rick W4DST

On 6/12/2011 11:17 PM, just_rtfm wrote:
hi everyone,

John was just asking about FM DX. and i recently added a tiny article to my site called "PL-390 FM DX King", located here:

phil :)

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