Re: Degen PL1126

Gary Sargent

A few words on the DE1126 alarms ... alarms are accessed via the "Sys Set"
command. It is a powerful feature. On the 1126 there are three types of

1. A typical alarm that goes off at the prescribed time with an alarm sound.
2. An alarm that turns off the 1126 at the prescribed time.
3. An alarm that turns on the 1126 at the prescribed time and then activates
the 1126 in some user specified action. These actions are:
a. Play radio with the last station being listened to.
b. Playback the last audio file listened to.
c. Activate recording from the unit's microphone.
d. Activate recording with the last radio station being listened to.

There may be a total of six of these alarms in any mixture. Each alarm may
be specified to be once only for that day or repeating for each day.
Typically an "On" alarm would be followed by an "Off" alarm .. especially if
recording either voice or the radio. The "Off" alarm will close the
recording and properly save the recorded file.

So .. say your favorite radio station has a three repeating programs that
you would like to record every day. You would use three pairs of alarms:
One "On" alarm to turn the radio on and start recording followed by one
"Off" alarm to turn the 1126 off and complete the recording. This repeats
for four more alarms. The recording time for each of the three time slots
can be as short as a few minutes or as long as many hours.

This then provides for unattended recording of three different time slots in
one or all days. The down side is that this records only from the last radio
station tuned in and you cannot specify the band and frequency, for example
via a memory channel.

I've also found that when recording from the radio the speaker volume is
automatically turned very loud and is not controllable. Shades of the
DE1123. Plug in headphones when recording to avoid this.

Gary KE8WO

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