Re: Degen PL1126

keith beesley

I've had one for about 10 days now. My take:

MW to SW bleed-through doesn't seem as bad as on the D96L.
Seems to be able to record at any volume level. I haven't figured out how to set it to make unattended recordings yet.

MW and shortwave reception are good. Default AM bandwidth is ok. Does not seem to have user-selectable bandwidths. Audio on MW and SW is a bit muddy to my ears, probably a compromise between good audio and good selectivity, favoring the selectivity side.

It uses a single, flat, rectangular Li-ion battery.

FM reception and audio are comparable to the G8 and D96L (i.e., great). Remarkable considering the short whip antenna.

Not that easy to program, at least for me; all buttons and knobs have multiple functions.

Hope this helps,

Keith Beesley

--- In ultralightdx@..., Neil Goldstein <neilgoldstein@...> wrote:

Gary, a few questions about the 1126

I'm wondering if the bleed through is as bad as my Kchibo D96L
Does it fix the DE1123 issues with having to record on Max-Volume?
How is the default bandwidth on AM?
Are the batteries AAA NiCads like the 1123?

I like to keep a very small radio in my backpack I carry to work every
day. For now it is the DE1123, but always looking for improvement. I
figure the choices are the DSP Degens, and the Tecsun PL360. Kchibo
also makes a micro-size DSP radio, the D95L, but I have yet to see a
review on it.

Neil Goldstein

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