Re: If you wanted to buy a passive loop antenna, what would you buy?

Nick B.


I bought a Grundig-badged AN-200, cost USD30, a few days ago on my travels in the US. After building a few larger tuned loops, this one is easy to transport when I'm travelling and for what it cost I probably couldn't buy the parts to build my own in the UK.

In terms of performance, I've used it with Kaito KA1103 and WRX911 portables with proximity coupling. Noticeable signal increases and nulling properties. I'll compare it with my hexagonal loops when I get back to the UK later this month.


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Hey John:

In File Folder 5 here on the Group there is an article "Comparing Small MW DXing Antennas.pdf", comparing a bunch of commercially available units.

In my opinion, there is little difference between the Terk, the passive Select-a-tenna, and Grundig/Radio Shack/Kaito AN-100/200, or any other nominally 9-inch diameter loop, having used all of them. So, pretty much take your pick, perhaps based on aesthetics? For what they cost, I think they really are a lot of bang for the buck.

Anyone else have insights as to what commercial units are out there?

Hope this helps - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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If you wanted to buy a passive loop antenna, what would you buy?

I have the TERK passive antenna, but I am unsure if there is something else out there that is better?

I have very little free time, so at the moment building a passive loop antenna is not an attractive idea, unless it was a super-simple design! : )

What have been your experiences with the passive antennas that are available on the market?



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