Mini DXpedition to Jayne's Hill Long Island

Neil Goldstein

Day off today, so I decided to try the radios in a better location than my home here on Long Island. They highest point on L.I. is Jayne's Hill in the town of Huntington, near Walt Whitman Mall. The area is mostly a county park, and pretty quiet. The actual height of where I was is reported differently depending on where you look it up and runs between about 380 and 400 feet.

I brought 4 radios for comparison:
Sony SRF-59
Sony SRF-M37V
Degen DE1123
Kchibo D96L

I also brought a Select-A-Tenna standard model.

There were still some overhead wires nearby, but I picked a spot with the least amount of wires, and the farthest from any transformers.

I found the Kchibo to be the best performer for the harder to get stations. The SRF-59 managed most of the stations that the Kchibo did, but my arthritis is bothering me more than usual today making tuning that thing a real chore. The SRF-M37V was better for actually listening, with a much richer sound. I found that the selectivity of the M37 is its worst problem, as there was no way to listen to WVNE on 760 with WABC on 770. I actually chose to listen to On Point for a bit with the M37 and the S-A-T. It was not unpleasant. The Kchibo is ok with headphones, and de-tuned 1 Khz high or low, but then I have to compensate for the soft-mute. The Degen offers no performance advantage over any of these other receivers (except maybe for the ability to record), however, I was impressed with its abilities none-the-less. It was able to receive each of these stations but only with the aid of the S-A-T whereas I could still make out a faint signal on each of the other radios without the S-A-T. The big advantage of the Degen is of course its size, but it kind of defeats the purpose if I need to lug the S-A-T around with it.

A quick peruse of FM on the radios redeemed the Degen as a worthwhile travelling companion, although the Kchibo is still the champion for me in that department. SW performance was actually better on the Degen in some cases here, due to the Kchibo being overloaded by an AM station. I should have brought the RP-2000 along too for comparison.

I spent about an hour, and had to run to a haircut appt. I need to try this at night, but will need industrial strength bug spray.


630 WPRO East Providence, RI (125 miles) 6/10/2011 10:30 AM SONY SRF-M37V SelectATenna Call-in gardening show

640 WNNZ Westfield, MA (100 miles) 6/10/2011 10:50 AM KCHIBO D96L SelectATenna Public radio program "On Point"

680 WRKO Boston, MA (160 miles) 6/10/2011 11:00 AM KCHIBO D96L SelectATenna Station ID and Newscast

760 WVNE Worcester, MA (120 miles) 6/10/2011 11:00 AM KCHIBO D96L SelectATenna Religous programming : Adrian Rogers

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