Re: Comparing the PL-380 vs PL-390

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Postings and observations suggest that there are significant
discrepancies in quality control in the Middle Kingdom. RF sensitivity
depends on auto-tracking by the chip on the AM ferrite winding and
on the quality and length of ferrite and winding. External aerials
can compensate, but the auto-tracking is not always amused
or "co-operative"...

I dont have the facilities or budget, but surmise that a home-brew
mechanically-tuned front-end plux mixer feeding the magic chip
as IF at around 1600kHz would deliver impressive results.

Michael UK

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I have noticed while comparing MW reception that my PL-380 actually out performs my PL-390 in the
center of the AM band, but not so much on either end of the band. wondering if anyone else noticed

Big Al N0CEK


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