Re: Logbooks? What does yours look like?

Peter Laws

On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 13:40, Jim Orcheson <> wrote:

I created a database using OpenOffice Base. The database contains a number of tables that allow me to log stations heard from a number of different locations, and generate a number of different reports. What is missing in my database is tracking station call changes.

While listening I log to a notebook, then transfer to the computer later, and then send reports to a couple of Yahoo groups including this one.

When I listen, which hasn't been a lot lately :-( I do the
paper-then-computer thing as well. So far, mine are just text files.
with one file per day, e.g.:

530 - UNID - SS YL with DEEP echo
570 - KSNM - Las Cruces, NM - "Southern New Mexico" Fox Sports
570 - Radio Reloj - Cuba - "RR"
580 - WIBW - Topeka, KS

As long as I've used OpenOffice (and even StarOffice before that - I
once worked for Sun) I've never used the database features. Anything
you can share with us about setting up something to store logs?

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