Hi Keith,
I wrote the other review given on the e-bay sale site. Remarkable to me is that the S5W, with what I believe is a 6.375" ferrite bar, has the same sensitivity if not a hair better than the SANGEAN PR-D5 with it's 8" bar. The S5W's selectivity is much better than the PR-D5.
Gary is correct...the EX5 has spurs and whistles, particularly during the daytime while locals run at higher power. My EX5 is slightly less sensitive than my S5W below about 1000 KHz (but still quite good). Both radios put out audio in only one speaker of stereo headphones...the radios were designed for an earphone in one ear. The EX5 is unique in that, while analog, has sync detection which can help with adjacent channel qrm.
Richard "Heatwave" Berler
Laredo, TX
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Hi Keith,

In early 2007 I wrote a detailed review comparing the new (at the time)
ICF-EX5 against the ICF-S5W, which was published in Medium Wave
Circle's MWN and IRCA's DXM. Unfortunately, the 4-page article file
seems to have been lost in the shuffle of multiple computer changes
over the past 4 years.

In general the ICF-EX5 matches the ICF-S5W fairly well in AM
sensitivity, although it has a greater tendency to overload in high-RF
urban areas, producing various spurs and whistles. The ICF-S5W's image
reception weakness was also not addressed in the ICF-EX5, so both units
suffer from this serious quirk. Nick Hall-Patch of Victoria, B.C. (the
IRCA Technical Editor) purchased a new ICF-EX5 in 2007, and was
disappointed in the radio's tendency to overload in the presence of his
strong locals on 900 and 1070 kHz. In addition it should be noted that
the ICF-EX5 is a Japanese-market only model, and was not designed to
cover the full X-band (up to 1700 kHz). The ICF-S5W wasn't designed to
do this, either, but unlike the ICF-EX5 it can be tweaked by an
experienced technician to cover the full 530-1700 kHz range, and has an
AM sensitivity-peaking procedure for both the low band (sliding a
movable coil on the loopstick) and the high band (a dedicated trimming
capacitor on the tuner component). The ICF-EX5's loopstick has only
fixed coils, making this impossible. My own impression of the ICF-EX5
(and the ICF-EX5 Mk. 2) is that they are both seriously overpriced,
with the Japanese exporters like Audio Cubes 2 and Joynetcafe charging
outrageous markups for a radio that only costs about $100 in the local
Japanese market. The same outrageous price markup applies to the Sony
SRF-T615 Ultralight and the other high-end Japanese portables, making
it highly desirable to have a friend in Japan purchase these radios,
then ship them to North America (if possible).

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)

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Gary, how does the ICF-S5 compare with the ICF-EX5 ? I know you've
reviewed both (maybe still have both?). 


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Thanks for the link to the ICF-S5W for sale. Although I don't plan to
bid, I was the author of the "N7EKX" post contained in the listing
(although my recollection of the original 1980 price at the Shirokiya
store in Hawaii was quite a ways off-- the actual price was around $73).

Before the Ultralight boom started I was fascinated by the ICF-S5W's
and the Japanese equivalent ICF-S5's, purchasing and aligning about 12
of the Japanese ICF-S5's off of the Japanese Yahoo auctions (where they
are extremely cheap). A technician can easily peak the AM sensitivity,
and tweak the radio's AM coverage up to 1700 kHz. The radio is
extremely sensitive on AM, has fairly good AM selectivity (for a
30-yrear old design) from a decent Murata IF filter, and with the
exception of rather irritating image reception (910 kHz down from
strong locals), the radio is a real AM-DXing powerhouse.

My excessive collection of these models has been reduced somewhat
(three of the fully-aligned units went to Kevin, Gil Stacy and Patrick
Martin), but the radio's awesome reputation is still very well
deserved. Fully operational, cosmetically decent units like the listed
model are quite rare, and would be a great addition to any AM-DXer's

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Awesome AM dxing radio

SONY ICF-S5W SSP for sale on ebay:;amp;hash=item23115d375f

auction ends Jun 12, 201114:40:01 PDT

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