Happy 1st Anniversary

Allen Willie

 My sentiments  are  the same as the previous posts regarding the anniversary of the Ultralight Radio movement. This past year has definitely been a very special one for me , having the opportunity to be involved in something new  in a hobby I've been passionate about for the last forty years.
 Having the chance to hear new stations and places I never dreamed I would ever hear on any type of receiver , let alone these mini marvels.
The AM broadcast band DX interest has been re-sparked to new heights  in this radio Dxer who like many got their start on the AM dial.
A personal thank you and Happy Anniversary goes out to the individuals such as Gary DeBock and others who started the Ultralight movement on it's fantastic journey
In closing I am honoured to be associated with such a wonderful membership of individuals that our group has become in the past year.
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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