Re: Tecsun PL-310 vs Sonys?

Gary Kinsman

Hi Jay,

Is it possible that your PL-390 is defective?

Years ago, my friend and I both bought Grundig Sat 800 radios during a $200 blowout sale. Mine was far more sensitive than his on MW AM, using the small internal ferrite bar antenna. It turned out that the ferrite bar on his radio was not connected properly. Drake fixed it, and the performance of his radio then equaled mine on MW AM.


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Hi Jay,

You've got me curious about this. I believe Kevin S. reported that his PL-390 is more sensitive on MW AM than his 7600GR. Your T615 is more sensitive than your PL-390. Does it follow that a T615 beats a 7600GR in MW AM sensitivity?
I can't speak to the 7600GR. I've never had one from that line and never had opportunity to compare one to the T615. If radios follow the transitive property, then the conclusion stated would follow. Problem is I'm not sure all instances of a particular line are created equal.

What I do know is that I attempted to tune in a particular distant station on my PL-390 and got no recoverable audio at all. I tuned the same station with the T615 and was surprised to hear an understandable signal. Back to the PL-390 and nothing. I then pulled out the ICF-S5W, which is WAY off the ultralight scale, and it blew away the T615. OTOH, the S5W won't fit in my shirt pocket.

-- Jay

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