Re: First Anniversary of Ultralight Radio Boom-- November 20

Carl DeWhitt

---Happy 1st anniversary to all in the ultralight movement.I can say
with many others for sure,that this is the most amazing niche of the
hobby that i have ever been involved in.The fact that anyone can
receive TA and/or TP dx on a little pocket radio is amazing!Who would
have thought this movement would have accomplished this much and come
this far in just a short year.Just like it has with others on the
group,it has reawakened my interest in mw dxing.Thanks to
Gary ,Rob,John and all others who really contributed early on to this
movement.73 and good dx and good luck for the next year of ULR
Carl DeWhitt

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At 08:24 PM 11/18/2008, Gary Debock wrote:

Hello Guys,

With the Ultralight radio niche hobby now being enjoyed
North America, Europe and many other areas of the world, some
may be curious how this whole craziness started. It actually
started on
November 20, 2007 with some startling TP receptions on a humble
but was fueled by some amazing coincidences that gave the
movement a
massive surge within just a month.

Happy 1st Anniversary/Birthday to the ULR Movement!!! Being one of
Canadians who benefited from Gary's generosity last December......I
happy and proud to have been able to see the growth of the
subculture over
this past year!! I don't think anyone...including Gary could have
imagined where this would be 1 Year later. As a matter of fact....I
anyone really gave it much thought at the beginning. It was just
that happened ...and as it progressed it opened a lot of eyes.
The real bonus of this Ultralight growth, is that it brought
a lot
of Old Timers outta the woodwork and Re-exposed them to the FUN
they had
when they began BCB DXing years ago , many as Kids I reckon!!

So........Gary even though you had no idea where we were had
enough insight to take us there!! Thanks for that...and Happy
Birthday to
everyone on the ULR Reflector....may our 2nd year be as much fun as
first. I can only imagine where the ULR Hobby will be at the end

A good show by all......and thanks for letting me be a part of it


Robert S. Ross VA3SW
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Enjoy Ultralight Radio DXing......It's like being a KID again!!

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