Re: Tecsun PL-310 vs Sonys?

Gary Kinsman

Hi Jay,

You've got me curious about this. I believe Kevin S. reported that his PL-390 is more sensitive on MW AM than his 7600GR. Your T615 is more sensitive than your PL-390. Does it follow that a T615 beats a 7600GR in MW AM sensitivity?


I can't speak to the PL-310, but I do have a PL-390. I got a T615 for Christmas this last year. Based on my experience, you already have your bases well covered. The T615 easily recovers audio from stations that don't even register on the PL-390. The only place I can imagine the PL-390 doing better is when you're trying to log a station right next to one of the strong locals. Then the narrow filters and 1kHz tuning might help. As far as raw sensitivity and ability to recover audio, it's my experience the T615 eats the PL-390 for lunch.

-- Jay

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