Re: GS Ultralight Loggings Nov. 17, 2008 - Station 200

Greg Shoom <shoomg@...>

My thanks to Gary and Kirk for their kind comments.

Now that I've reached 200 I'm going to take a break from ultralight DXing for a few days. Then, when I return I'm going to start using my two new ultralight receivers - a Sangean DT-400W and an Eton E-100. I bought them both a month ago, but they've been sitting in a box unused until now. I wouldn't allow myself to DX with them until I got to 200 on the SRF-59. Introducing these two radios should help with the numbers.

When I started with this ultralight thing, I didn't expect that I'd get so into it. It seemed like a neat idea, but I figured I'd do it until I reached 100 and would then stop. But it has really revitalized my interest in mediumwave DXing and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I'd expected.

Greg Shoom

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